Fertilpots are wood fiber biodegradable pots composed primarily of Spruce (Picea Abies) fibers, and are manufactured without the use of glues or binders. Fertilpot is OMRI listed and USDA Certified Biobased product.

Fertilpots are truly biodegradable and are intended to be planted directly in the ground or the next larger container.  Unlike rice-hull pots, or starch-based polymers, and ‘biodegradable’ plastics Fertilpots do not require a composting situation to degrade.

No other container; biodegradable, compostable or plastic, can allow a more natural development of the plants’ root structure.USDA Certified Biobased ProductUSDA Certified Biobased Product

Selection of Fertilpots

Because water, air, and roots will penetrate the walls of the Fertilpot so easily, there is no need for drainage holes.  The natural root structure that develops helps to ensure a successful transplant.

array of round biodegradable pots

Fertilpot is excellent for native
plant material that can often be sensitive to transplant. Because the plant is never removed from the Fertilpot, there is never any transplant shock.  Fertilpot has been proven very successful in the production of vegetables, grafted wine

grapes, forestry stock, as well as a range of annual and perennial crops.

Fertilpot is available in a wide range of sizes and configurations including strips, trays, and preloaded trays.

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As Fertilpots are plantable they do not need to go through a composting process to degrade! Simply plant directly into the ground or a larger container.

Hydroponic friendly

Fertilpot is about 85% porous, there is no need to cut in traditional drain holes. No more clogging of filters or build up of a substrate sludge in your tanks or gutters.


Fertilpot is certified as organic under the OMRI listing and is accredited as a product that comes from renewable biological resources by the USDA BioPreferred® program.

Tradeshows and Fertilpot

Fertils booth at the Cultivate 2018 trade show

Did you know Fertil can be found at several trade shows across North America including MANTS and AmericanHorts Cultivate?

Watch this space for a comprehensive list on when and where we’ll be!

Alternatively, you can contact us through the methods provided and we’ll happily get back to you.

When a customer first came to me and asked if my machines could run Fertilpots... I was apprehensive.
I couldn't have been more wrong, they run like a dream.
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Graham Goodenough
Seederman Products
As an amateur gardener and someone who cares about the environment, I absolutely ADORE Fertilpots.
I was constantly getting transplant shock which is no longer a problem!
Sandy Gilmore looking happy in her garden
Sandy Gilmore
We have dedicated so much of our time to become 100% renewable and organic.
Fertilpot has really made a difference in our production.
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