Fertil USA is responsible for the sales and marketing of Fertilpot in North America.  Our customers include commercial nursery and greenhouse growers, grapevine producers, seed starting kit producers, retail garden centers, breeders and researchers, as well as hobby enthusiast home gardeners. 

Fertilpot is an eco-friendly, plantable and biodegradable pot that is manufactured by Fertil SAS in eastern France.  Fertilpot is made primarily with sustainably-harvested Spruce trees from tree thinning operations in the forests surrounding our factory.   The Vosges region has a long history of good stewardship of the land,  produced sustainably-grown  forestry products for more than 150 years.  The electric power used in manufacture of Fertilpot is produced from zero emissions hydroelectric stations located in the river next to our factory.

Fertil USA maintains an available inventory of Fertilpots and accompanying trays in Philadelphia, PA. 

Through an efficient network of representatives and distributors, Fertil products are available worldwide. We look forward to serving your growing needs.  You can find all of the contact information for world-wide representatives on our contact page.