Are Fertilpots the right choice for my cannabis & hemp operation?

In recent years, we as a company (and a world) have seen a boom in cannabis & hemp production and the need for cannabis pots. With the loosening of laws, we as an industry have found a great way to increase production in new and exciting areas.

One of the main things cannabis and hemp growers are focusing on is the ability to be able to grow a top quality product through strictly organic and environmentally-friendly means. Fertilpot can make this focus a reality!

Fertilpot does wonders for cannabis and hemp production. Our biodegradable products work fantastically as cannabis pots that can be planted directly into the ground. Say goodbye to transplant shock!

Good pots have always been a bone of contention with growers in the industry and we’re here to help. Fertilpots are strictly organic, compostable, recyclable and USDA approved. They are OMRI listed and truly environmentally friendly, something all cannabis and hemp growers want.

If you’re looking for good cannabis pots, drop us a line and we’ll help you out!

Cannabis and Hemp production using Fertilpots
12 Day old cannabis plant using a Fertilpot
Hemp production using Fertilpots
Field hemp plants using Fertilpots

Defining features of our cannabis pots


Fertilpots are completely biodegradable, meaning there is no container to dispose. Simply plant directly into the ground!


Fertilpots make great cannabis pots as they are completely organic, OMRI listed and USDA approved. This is a truly environmentally friendly product.

Transplant Shock

There is no transplant shock with Fertilpot! Being able to plant your cannabis pots directly into the ground does wonders for yield.

Root structure

Cannabis and hemp plants using a Fertilpot have fantastic root structure. No girdling occurs as the roots become part of the pot.