Wine Grapes

FERTILPOT allows you to grow and sell a grafted plant with a fantastic natural root structure in only a short while.
This is possible due to the composition of this wood fiber pot, which allows for great root air pruning and no spiraling or girdled roots.
FERTILPOT currently has a very large winery customer base with a range of clients from around North America. Our product is especially popular for the ever growing need of an organic, sustainable and biodegradable source within the growing process of wine grapes.
Wine grapes on vine in France

Hydroponic & Aquaponic

FERTILPOT is also perfect for Hydroponic and Aquaponic facilities for many reasons.

Because water, air and roots will penetrate the walls of the Fertilpot so easily, there is no need for
drainage holes.  The natural root structure that develops helps to ensure a successful transplant.

Due to the growing popularity of urban farming under organic conditions, FERTILPOT has seen a massive rise in the hydroponic field. 

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Cannabis & Hemp

We have all heard about the current boom in cannabis and hemp production across North America, right?

Well, this is not a new issue for FERTILPOT.

Due to the production of cannabis and hemp in European countries like the Netherlands, FERTILPOT is already tried and tested. As an organic, biodegradable and sustainable source it is truly one of the best options for your cannabis and hemp production.

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Cannabis and Hemp production using Fertilpots


automated Fertilpot on a Seederman GS3-HD

You may be thinking that FERTILPOT sounds pretty good, but how would it deal with my mechanization needs?

Here at Fertil, we understand nearly all professional growers use some sort of mechanization for their production. Be it pot dispensers, flat fillers or needle seeders, we are aware of this need.

Luckily for everyone, this isn’t a problem. FERTILPOT has been tried and tested on many forms of mechanization.

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